Triatek ZPS Zone Presence Sensor
Triatek ZPS Zone Presence Sensor


Triatek ZPS Zone Presence Sensor

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The ZPS Zone Presence Sensor, part of Triatek’s complete fume hood solution, provides economical fume hood usage without compromising safety.

Using its microwave motion sensor, the attached controller is instantly instructed to switch to OCCUPIED mode once an operator is in front of the fume hood. Unattended fume hoods will revert to an UNOCCUPIED status after a user-specified number of minutes expire, thereby saving energy.

Highly sensitive and accurate, the ZPS is capable of detecting motion down to 1/4” per second.

In addition, the ZPS can be tailored for any size fume hood. Sensitivity and time delay are also configurable on the ZPS and associated hood controller.

Features Include

  • Visible LEDs to verify activation
  • Adjustments for pattern, sensitivity, and time delay to eliminate false triggers
  • Easy to wire and set up
  • Automatically switches fume hood’s occupancy mode
  • Lowers overall fume hood energy consumption
  • Narrow and wide pattern detection accommodates most fume hoods