Triatek Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit


Triatek Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit

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Triatek’s Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit converts legacy competitive lab systems or tracking pair control systems to a digital system compatible with any building automation system.

By simply removing the existing hardware and installing Triatek’s Universal Valve Module (UVM), ACT-FA-8002 Fast-acting Actuator, and a hall effect sensor, you can easily upgrade your lab with the most state-of-art lab controls on the market today.

Mechanical Venturi valves are designed for long life spans. If your existing valves are working properly, the upgrade can be completed without removing valves from the duct work, resulting in significantly less laboratory downtime.

Benefits of Utilizing Triatek’s Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit

  • Cost-effective compared to a complete laboratory renovation
  • Ability to integrate lab controls into any building automation system, eliminating gateways
  • Capability to control labs remotely with increased visibility and flexibility
  • Option to integrate zone presence sensors for reduced energy consumption
  • Allows for convenient, scheduled, phased-in upgrades to fit into your budget
  • Easy integration with Triatek’s HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller with Safety HaloTM edge lighting
  • Eliminates pneumatics and associated maintenance
  • Eliminates potentiometers for state-of-the-art hall effect sensors with longer life spans and less maintenance
  • Enables facility management to troubleshoot and maintain the lab system, eliminating expensive maintenance visits