Triatek LP-IR-DT Infrared Motion Sensor


Triatek LP-IR-DT Infrared Motion Sensor

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Triatek's LP-IR-DT Infrared Motion Sensor provides the maximum motion detection available in sensors on the market. This microprocessor-based sensor is self-adjusting and self-calibrating. Simply mount the LP-IR-DT, and after a four-week data collecting period the sensor will self-adjust for optimal energy savings. These settings are saved in non-volatile memory so they are not lost during a power failure.

Additionally, building automation systems (BAS) can monitor and control the HVAC loads based on actual room occupancy. This provides the building owner with the maximum energy savings.

Features Include

  • Easy installation
  • Microprocessor-based
  • Simple 24 VDC power
  • Maximizes energy savings
  • Detects motion using dual technology
  • HVAC loads controlled based on actual room occupancy
  • Flashing LED provides current status and timer settings
  • Self-calibrating
  • Settings stored in non-volatile memory