Triatek LP-3500 Lighting Control Panel


Triatek LP-3500 Lighting Control Panel

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Triatek’s LP-3500 Lighting Control Panels have been used in arenas, stadiums, and commercial buildings around the globe.

The LP-3500 provides the capability to control high voltage lighting circuits via a two-wire RS-485 network, occupancy sensors, light level sensors, and manual
override switches. The LP-3500 integrates with most building automation systems, which lowers the installation and operating costs.

The LP-3500 features improved relays with longer life and a direct manual override option that can be switched on or off without power, allowing electricians to manually control the circuits during installation.

The LP-3500 allows authorized users to override the circuits after installation, an added feature not common in other lighting control products.

Features Include

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Capability to control high voltage lighting circuits
  • Integrates with most building automation systems
  • Improved relays with longer life
  • Direct manual override option
  • Smaller panel size
  • LED Displays
  • Flash warnings available