Triatek HMS-1655R Remote Display


Triatek HMS-1655R Remote Display

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Triatek’s HMS-1655R Remote Display provides a secondary location to monitor a fume hood’s status, providing scientists with even more confidence that they are protected from toxic vapors and dusts during experiments.

The HMS-1655R is powered by its corresponding HMS1655 Fume Hood controller. This product is ideal for extra-wide or walk-in fume hoods, double-sided or passthrough fume hoods, and as a laboratory monitoring station for a single fume hood.

It also provides the capability to remotely display the fume hood exhaust airflow, which is convenient for facility managers, or the sash position, which most fume hood users prefer to monitor.

The HMS-1655R features a user-friendly touchscreen with modern graphics, intuitive menus, and Triatek’s signature color-coded Safety HaloTM edge lighting. The HMS-1655R instantly updates as conditions change, and immediately alerts users of unsafe conditions with both visual and audible alarms.

Features Include

  • Full-color, user-friendly touchscreen
  • Available in surface mount
  • Intuitive control menus, easy to set up
  • Safety HaloTM edge lighting for 180o visibility
  • Up to 10 user passwords
  • Powered by the HMS-1655
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Display any one of the six parameters monitored by the companion HMS-1655
  • Status-only display mode available