Triatek FMS-1655 LITE Single Room Pressure Monitor


Triatek FMS-1655 LITE Single Room Pressure Monitor

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The FMS-1655 LITE is a budget-friendly, single room air pressure monitoring solution ideal for situations that do not already have a building automation system (BAS) or do not wish to connect the monitor to an existing BAS. The FMS-1655 LITE features the innovative Safety Halo™ edge lighting that enables users to instantly monitor their critical environments down long hospital or laboratory hallways.

The full-color touchscreen is modern, attractive, and easy-to-use. The FMS-1655 LITE displays more information at-a-glance than any other similar monitor on the market today. The fully programmable monitor instantly updates as conditions change and communicates alarms both visually and audibly.

The FMS-1655 LITE is accurate to within ± 0.5% of full span and can measure pressures as low as 0.0001” wc.

Features Include

  • Full-color, user-friendly touchscreen
  • Intuitive control menus, easy to set up
  • Safety HaloTM edge lighting for 180o visibility
  • Budget-friendly
  • Analog output available for remote monitoring
  • Password protection with four access levels
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Non-volatile memory