Triatek CMS-1655 Central Monitoring Station
Triatek CMS-1655 Central Monitoring Station


Triatek CMS-1655 Central Monitoring Station

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Triatek’s CMS-1655 Central Monitoring Station provides at-a-glance monitoring for up to four rooms or fume hoods, or a combination of rooms and hoods. Ideal for both healthcare settings and laboratories, the CMS-1655 easily connects to Triatek's FMS or HMS controllers, and creates a centralized location for easily accessing critical information like face velocity, exhaust air flow, room pressure, isolation mode, and alarm status of multiple spaces and fume hoods.

The CMS-1655 is protocol-independent, but can be connected to any building automation system. It features a full-color touchscreen with intuitive menus, and Triatek's color-coded Safety HaloTM 180o edge lighting enables users to immediately be alerted if a room or fume hood has become unsafe, even from across the lab or down a long hospital corridor.

By displaying vital information from a single screen, users are able to make informed decisions more quickly, ensuring their critical spaces are safe.

Features Include

  • Single screen monitoring of up to four rooms or fume hoods
  • Available in surface mount or stainless steel flush mount
  • Full-color touchscreen with modern graphics and intuitive user menus
  • Protocol-independent
  • Safety HaloTM edge lighting
  • Perfect for nurses' stations
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Easily connected to FMS and HMS products through a 4-conductor cable; no additional power supply is required