Triatek FMS-1655R Remote Display


Triatek FMS-1655R Remote Display

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Triatek’s FMS-1655R Remote Display is powered by its corresponding FMS-1655 Room Pressure Controller, and provides a secondary location to monitor critical

Applications for the FMS-1655R include isolation rooms with adjacent anterooms, nurse's station displays for a single isolation room or patient room, surgical suites with dual displays (one inside the controlled space, one outside), and remotely displaying the room temperature or relative humidity.

The FMS-1655R features a user-friendly touchscreen with modern graphics, intuitive menus, and Triatek's signature color-coded Safety Halo™ edge lighting.

It instantly updates as room conditions change and immediately alerts staff of unsafe conditions with both visual and audible alarms.

Features Include

  • Full-color, user-friendly touchscreen
  • Available in surface or stainless steel flush mount
  • Intuitive control menus, easy to set up
  • Safety HaloTM edge lighting for 180o visibility
  • Up to 10 user passwords
  • Powered by the FMS-1655
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Display any one of the six parameters monitored by the companion FMS-1655
  • Status-only display mode available