Triatek Stable Vortex® Fume Hood Conversion Kit

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The Stable Vortex® Fume Hood Conversion Kit adapts conventional fume hoods into high performance, low flow fume hoods that deliver a superior level of safety for the user, while providing substantial energy and cost savings for a laboratory facility.

The patented design is based on the principle that efficient and stable hood operation is determined by controlling the airflow pattern within the hood and not by the entry velocity of air in the sash opening.

The Stable Vortex® Conversion Kit is installed by removing the internal working components of the conventional fume hood, and installing the Stable Vortex® component in its place. The original fume hood cabinets can remain in place.
The Stable Vortex® Conversion Kit can accommodate varying hood sizes without altering the fume hood envelope.

The Stable Vortex® Conversion Kit enables facility managers to upgrade their laboratories without having to entirely replace fume hoods. This not only saves money, but also allows for a more flexible installation schedule.

Features Include

  • Patented aerodynamic design that provides greater level of safety and requires less airflow to properly contain
  • HAM Hood Alert Monitor
  • VFV™ Baffle Control
  • Quiet when operating, ideal for learning labs
  • Custom designed to fit your specific project dimensions for a high quality fit and finish
  • Original fume hood cabinet can remain in place
  • More cost-effective than replacing an entire hood
  • Easily passes through standard door frames
  • Allows for a flexible installation schedule without having to decommission entire laboratories